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Get ready, because things will be getting hot (not relaxing) in the cozy comfort of your Bestway SaluSpa Inflatable Spa. It has everything that you love about portable and inflatable spas but portable and fold up. What is not to love?

saluspa miami hot tub

The SaluSPa has over 120 massage jets and an inflatable floor, which make it convenient for you to relax. The SaluSPa inflates in seconds and the fast heat up system infuses the water immediately with oxygen, quickly heating it up to optimum temperature. The hot water quickly warms up your body and stretches out the sore muscles. Now, there are many ways to relax in a spa, but nothing can compare to the therapeutic benefits of this product. The SaluSPa has a patented water treatment system that uses the powerful and effective vapour therapy to treat sore muscles and ease the tension from tired aching muscles.

This inflatable spa can hold up to six people and is fully equipped with a heater that keeps the water at a comfortable temperature all day long. Most spas these days are only good for four or five people, and you will find that most cannot deal with more than three people at a time. When the spa is full, the heater controls the flow of air in the spa, keeping the temperature constant and soothing everyone. The pump, which is located on the outside of the unit, supplies the water through the line to the customer’s spa.

The inside of the Saluspa Miami tub has a durable high-tech design. The i-beam construction means that the heat is equally distributed over the whole length and breadth of the tank, keeping the water warm for everyone. The tank is fully padded for maximum safety, and the pump, with the built in electronic control panel, ensures that the hot water supply runs smoothly and securely. The cushioned floor gives you complete comfort, and it can be programmed to run mechanically or thermally, to give you a long day of rest or recreation.

The Saluspa also has some innovative features. The i-beam heating system allows you to manually set the temperature and the deep massaging back massagers ensure that you get a fantastic night’s sleep. The built in bubble jets provide you with hours of soothing relaxation, and the integrated thermostat ensures that your hot water stays at the right temperature for you. There is also a built in music player, so you don’t have to worry about missing any of your favourite music channels on your TV.

The Saluspa Miami is an eight-person spa that accommodates up to four people when the inflated size is not used. The tank can hold this much water because of its extra powerful air flow system. The water filtration system ensures that your spa water is clean, and the added pressure of the air pump ensures that the water is heated evenly, preventing any uneven heating. It can hold 177 gallons and it uses two chemically treated, vinyl coated, expanded polystyrene tanks, offering superior protection against corrosion. The tank is also covered with a lifetime warranty.

The Saluspa’s portable hot tub pump is also an innovative feature. The pump allows you to increase the level of hot water that you receive in your spa whenever you need it, without taking the spa out of season. The portable pump is incorporated into the tub’s pump housing, making the pump more durable, reliable and longer lasting. With a lifespan of around ten years, the Saluspa helps you save money, time and effort. It is important for people who want to enjoy their own spa at home, whenever they want to.

Overall, the Saluspa Miami Hot Tub has many advantages over other types of spas. Its size allows you to enjoy an intimate moment with your loved one or have a relaxing soak while watching your favourite television show. It has all the essential features that you need to have a quality hot tub experience. Its patented inflation system ensures that your spa water is heated uniformly, preventing overheating and damaging your expensive equipment.