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Lately there has been a new style of portable spa that hit the market, the 6-person portable hot tub. It has become a staple in the summer houses of America and Europe. The main advantage to these types of tubs is the ability to transport them from one spot to another. A six person hot tub can fit easily in a car trunk or even a briefcase.

6 person portable hot tub

The 6-person portable hot tub comes with an all inclusive package complete with powerheads, water heaters, built-in fans, two massage systems and two massage seats. The built-in jets give you all the circulation you will need and the head massage will make your body relax and feel relaxed. The pills also provide extra circulation and will help eliminate any knots or spasms in your body. For the adults who enjoy the Jacuzzi experience the built-in regulators let you control the amount of steam coming out of the jets.

There are a variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colors available. The most popular is the 6-person portable hot tub manufactured by the Intex Hot Tubs. These are made of a thick and heavy duty aluminum frame with smooth and rounded edges. The stainless steel portable spa has a footrest and side rails for more comfortable seating.

Other brands include the Kohler Six Pack Hot Tubs, the EverClean Comfort Zone Hot Tubs and the Masterson Easy Touch Elite Hot Tubs. Most of the inflatable hot tubs come in easy-to-handle designs for both children and adults. In addition, most of the inflatables come with a handy carrying case. For added convenience the compact size 6 person portable hot tub comes with a power pump. These six-person portable hot tubs are made for indoor and outdoor use.

For an even more affordable alternative you may want to consider the portable steamer. The portable steamer is an excellent choice as it does not have the expense of a custom made unit. It’s much simpler to store and move to a new location as it folds flat. If you want a larger model you can also purchase an adjustable portable spa.

When you compare the price of a six person portable hot tub versus a traditional freestanding model of hot tub you will find that the portable spa is actually cheaper. Although the price difference isn’t significant when compared with other types of tubs, it is enough to make a significant difference in the quality of the hot tub. The additional cost of a power source makes a difference as well. The purest 6 person hot tub comes with a sturdy electric motor that provides consistent power in all settings. This allows you to enjoy your spa no matter what the weather conditions outside are like.

There are two main features that you will find both beneficial and affordable when purchasing the Intex Purespa 6 person inflatable hot tub. First of all, the electric motor that provides the energy to heat up the tub is housed within an extremely durable and rugged construction. In addition, you will find that this unit is very easy to operate and set up as well.

If you are considering purchasing one of these Intex Purespa models, you will want to know exactly how much room you have available in your home as well as what your budget is. You do not want to overspend on a product without realizing that you will have trouble maintaining it. For example, the hard water jets can be loud if you have a large family. It is important that you determine how much space you will have available in your bathroom as well as your living room before you make any final purchases. As previously mentioned, the electric motor in most of the Intex hot tubs can also be loud, so if you have a large family or plan on entertaining a lot this may not be the best option for you.