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intex jacuzzi hot tub

The Intex Jacuzzi – Experience Fresh, Clean, and Hygienic Water

What can be better than to jump in the Jacuzzi to relax your tired body? The Intex Jacuzzi Hot Tub is the perfect choice for your home. Just imagine getting into the spa, soaking your tired body in warm water and relieving all your stress. It’s like taking a vacation in your own spa. Just imagine…

This tub has been built by Intex Products, the manufacturer of the famous Jacuzzi. Intex was one of the very first manufacturers of Jacuzzis, so you can expect quality here. It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all defects and damages due to human error or through unsafe working conditions. With this warranty, you have nothing to worry about.

The jets of the Intex Jacuzzi are very powerful, providing a soft and soothing massage that will relax and soothe your muscles and body. They can also be adjusted to target trouble areas such as the neck, back, feet and shoulders. These jets are also very efficient in removing debris and soap scum from the surface of the water.

The Intex Jacuzzi Hot Tub is portable, which means you can take it with you where ever you go. It doesn’t take up much room when you put it in a corner of your bathroom. It can be installed on your counter top, in the lounge or even in the family room. The tub can accommodate two adults, so there’s no need to worry if your children will find it too scary to get in and out of the tub.

The jets of the Intex Jacuzzi Hot Tub are made of high quality materials. They won’t leak or malfunction and they can withstand extreme temperatures. The body of the tub and the cover are made of durable and strong materials. No matter how harsh and dirty it is, the Intex Jacuzzi Hot Tub will not easily dent or scratch.

This unit comes in two options. There are those that come with the body already installed and those that come with a portable option. If you opt to have the tub installed then it would be better to get the one that comes with the body already. This way, it can be installed properly. However, if you opt to have a portable model then you may choose to buy the one without the body.

The jets of this unit work wonderfully. It has the ability to form water at the desired temperature. You can also adjust the jets’ pressure and direction. You can find Intex Jacuzzis with an assortment of 3 heat settings, pulsating, manual and sport mode.

The Intex Jacuzzi Hot Tub has a lifetime warranty. The tub has special sensors that will alert you when the tub is filled with water. You can also activate the jets to release the water and clean your skin thoroughly. The Intex Jacuzzi has an automated shut off system that prevents the Jacuzzi from getting overheated.

Most of the Jacuzzis have ergonomic seats and backrests. These jets do not obstruct your vision when you sit on it. You can experience the relaxing massage of the Intex Jacuzzi while enjoying the heated jets. The jets of this tub are capable of heating both your feet and your legs. Some models have seats that can be adjusted for a better position.

The Intex Jacuzzi has a separate heating system. It is called the Hydroxytherapy system that is powered by the Intex Hot Water. The Intex Jacuzzi can be used to bath, as well as shower. It is equipped with two jets that can be used to bathe your body. The jets are placed in the centre of the tub for gentle and soothing massage.

The hydrotherapy system of this Jacuzzi has two types of water. The first type is the Cold Water and the second type is the Warm Water. This system enables the user to control the temperature of the water. This system makes it possible for people who have sensitive skin to experience the hydrotherapy.

There is also a model of the Intex Jacuzzi that comes with the provision for an adjustable pressure. This model comes with two jets. These jets are placed in the back and the front. The user can adjust the setting so that the jets come in contact with the right places for the user. It is a perfect option for people who have problems with their joints or who have problem in getting in and out of the tub.