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Swim Spa and Jacuzzi Tub Combos – Features to Consider

Having a swim spa or hot tub at home seems like an ideal way to enjoy a relaxing day at the end of a long day. The problem comes when you have a limited amount of space. And when you can’t choose which hot tub or swim spa to buy, you might end up with two that take up the maximum amount of room and aren’t very convenient. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop around for a swim spa or hot tub combo instead of making a choice on the assumption you’ll be needing both.

First, what kind of room do you have available for a swim spa hot tub combo? You may just be able to pick up a single swim spa or a swim spa and not a combination. Second, how many times will you be using it? While it certainly looks good in your back yard and can be lots of fun, is this really a method you’ll be dedicated to using one set of equipment or the other for an extended period of time?

On the other hand, there are swim spa hot tub combos available that include a swim spa control system. There are even some systems that come with a built-in thermostat that monitors the temperature of the water and switches on the heating system when necessary. With the included thermostat, the water temperature can be regulated and changed manually or electronically. This is an excellent way to provide your family with a more comfortable swim in the cooler months and to help lower the energy bill. It also eliminates the need to turn up the heat or turn down the thermostat on and off all summer long!

Another feature in a good swim spa hot tub combo is a “quiet” motor. Many manufacturers will use high-end quiet motors that run quietly even when the spas are running. This ensures that you won’t be interrupted while you’re swimming. Even better is if the motor is so quiet that you can’t hear it running.

Other features include an eight foot wide and four feet deep side by side swim spa that wraps around the entire unit and is perfect for small pools or even a little pond. Its unique shape allows for added support and stability, which means that you can enjoy hours of relaxing and swimming. It’s also great for larger pools or for a Jacuzzi tub. You can get a swim spa and Jacuzzi tub combo in different sizes depending on the size of your pool area.

The other major consideration is just how much space you’re going to need. Spas can be very bulky. They can easily take up a lot of available space in a small room. Be sure to measure not only the amount of floor space where you plan to place your swim spa but also any surrounding space. Make sure you allow at least one foot of clearance on each side of the swim spa.

Some swim spa and Jacuzzi tub combinations come with two separate control systems. The controls can work in tandem or independently. A good choice for a single person to control, the independent control system gives you much more flexibility when you want to control both the height and the water temperature of your swimming pool.

A final consideration is the type of jets included. Jets are important because they keep the water moving and circulate it throughout your hot tub. Favorable water circulation results in a more enjoyable workout and increased comfort. Some of the jet systems available include dual, multiple and single jets. Deciding which swim spa and Jacuzzi hot tub combo to purchase will require careful shopping and due diligence.