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Selecting the Right Hot Tub Lids

Hot tub lids play a vital role in hot tub ownership. The lids keep the hot tub clean from debris and keep water at the desired temperature. Hot tub covers are made of vinyl, rubber or thermoplastic materials. Vinyl lids are usually the most expensive lids. The covers must be installed by professionals to avoid damage and injury. They are also easy to clean and sanitize.

All hot tub lids have the same basic design. Water enters through the top vent. The water fills the tub with boiling steam and is directed to the main drain, leaving the water cleaner and more sanitary. Vinyl lids provide the utmost convenience; they come in clear, smoked, or frosted and come with the standard 5-year limited warranty. Lid installation requires only quick and easy inflation.

The price of hot tub lids varies according to the features available and the size required. The various sizes are designed for different hot tub spas with different dimensions. Lid height and length vary with hot tub spas of different dimensions.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing hot tub lids is foam density. Foam density is determined by the weight of the water and the thickness of the foam pads. Small beads will produce the most aerating effects and larger beads produce greater resistance. A hot tub spa cover with a thick wall of small beads will produce less aeration and greater resistance to immersion. This means that small beads are better suited to large spas while larger ones can be used on smaller spas.

Foam covers are made from different materials including synthetic polyethylene, memory foam or soft vinyl. Memory foam offers excellent resistance to stretching but are usually unable to withstand extreme temperatures. A good rule of thumb is to avoid hot tub covers or spa covers that have a low foam density. As a general rule, resist heat at all costs and purchase a high density foam cover. This will provide better protection from fading, cracking and breaking.

In order to determine the best hot tub cover lifters, it’s important to measure the inside perimeter of your spa. This will give you a better idea of how much clearance is needed to accommodate your spa and the cover. Be sure to take into consideration any surrounding structures and obstacles. Make sure to measure clearances from trees and structures to ensure adequate clearance.

After you’ve measured and recorded all of your needs, you’re ready to find the best hot tub cover lifters and inflatable hot tub lid options. Most of these companies offer an online selection to ensure you get the best product for your money. If you’re shopping online, make sure to read customer reviews and feedback as well as check for energy saving benefits as many companies incorporate these benefits into their products.

You can also purchase a full-lift, semi-permanent or portable lift to better customize your hot tub lid. Full lifts can be utilized to elevate your spa to a standing position for bathing while a semi-permanent lift can be used on a periodic or daily basis to raise your spa to an elevated level. Portable lifts are great for temporary situations and are available in various sizes to accommodate most hot tub sizes. Many portable lids utilize electricity so be sure to check and see if your hot tub outlet is accessible. If it isn’t always possible to access your outlet, a hydraulic lift might be able to be installed. Research and review the company’s shipping rates to ensure you get the best value and service before purchasing your hot tub lid.