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Purespa Review – Choosing The Highest Rated Inflatable Hot Tub!

For those who are searching for a hot tub that is both safe and comfortable, the Intex Hot Tub Saver might be an option worth checking out. Even though it is slightly more expensive than most other hot tub models, the Intex Saver is actually among the highest rated inflatable hot tubs available to purchase. It has received many favorable reviews, with one particular customer commenting that she felt “relaxed” after spending about an hour in the hot tub. Despite its higher cost, however, this particular hot tub also received a lot of positive feedback.

The Intex Hot Tubsaver has received quite a few positive ratings, mostly from those who have had first hand experience using it. One consumer said that she absolutely loved the Intex spa’s ability to quickly heat up the water and that she could feel the water heating up under her feet as she walked around. The tub was also very quiet, even when all the electronics were turned on. One consumer stated that he could not believe that the Intex Hot Tubsaver had such a high safety rating and felt that the tub was built well.

The spa’s dimensions were also praised, with one consumer stating that he was able to place his entire body inside of it. The tub’s depth, width and length were also commended. The Intex Hot Tubsaver Saver is manufactured by Producers Spa, who are the manufacturers of many popular spa products including the Intex Pure Spa Manual. A person could use either of these products to purchase the Intex Hot Tubsaver, however the manual does come with a spa cover that can be removed and reused if desired.

The Intex Hot Tubsaver Saver is constructed out of heavy-duty plastic and has an awesome price tag for a spa tub. It comes with an easy to grip control panel and foot stomp pad. On top of the Intex tub spa is a spacious water tank which holds approximately three hundred and forty gallons of water. The pump which can be adjusted from a gentle ten pounds to a powerful sixty-five pounds, pumps water through the tub and into the water tank for filling and conditioning. There is a twenty-four hour water monitoring system with digital control, a fifteen-volt pre-heated heater and built-in lighting and music systems. This unit also includes the forty-eight ounce tank to hold the water so that it can be filled easily.

There are many people who are concerned about the palescence of bubbles in inflatable hot tubs. Intex is among the companies that offer products that have a lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. The lifetime warranty for this unit is two years on all hot tub components and one year on the heating system. Other companies might offer lifetime warranties against defects in material or workmanship, but not all of them do. It is important that you shop around for the best product for your needs.

The Intex Purespa Inflatable Hot Tub manual provides step by step instructions that are easy to understand for any user, regardless of their level of expertise. You will learn how to properly set up the unit with its heat pump, and how to use the controls to keep the water in the tub heated and circulating. There is also a detailed explanation of how the high powered bubble jets surround the inside of the tub. A clear demonstration is given on how to use the optional Intex Air Cushion. Even more important, there is an explanation of how to use the on and off switches to manually switch the jets on or off.

The purespa high powered jets are essential parts of the Intex pump and the tub’s heating system. They are responsible for circulating the water within the tub and heating it to a temperature where you, your guests, or spouse can enjoy an hour or two of great relaxation. The Intex pump is what allows the water in the tub to circulate and heat up to temperatures that are comfortable for you. The Intex Purespa manual provides details of how the pumps work and how to repair or maintain them. Finally, if you get stuck and need some help, there is a list of contact information that is listed in bold lettering on the back of the manual. This includes a toll-free number, a physical address, and a phone listing.

The best part about the Intex Purespa jet massage hot tub review is that the authors, Mike and Joann, have been in the business of making spa and hot tub equipment for over ten years. They provide honest reviews that you can trust. The Intex brand is known throughout the United States and world for its quality equipment. They also offer free lifetime warranty protection on the pump and jets. If you want to experience the joy of a pure steamy shower with the warm suction of the Intex jets, read the Intex Purespa jet massage hot tub review and choose one of these luxurious tubs today.