Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs

A portable hot tub is an ideal space saver, whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling house. These portable tubs are often designed to fit onto the side of a table or the back of a van. They can easily be transferred from place to place when one moves. Hot tubs are great for entertaining-you can even use them as lounges when the weather is nice. Many of the newer models have built-in lighting options, built-in seat pads, and electronic air compressors.

portable inflatable hot tub

Portable hot tubs usually have built-in air pumps, headrests, and temperature controls. All of these come with self-contained temperature adjustments and battery-powered pumps. Portable hot tub care: keeping your portable hot tub in excellent working order is an important concern, so owning a good patch kit on hand is essential. The pump, air compressor, and other components may be sold separately, but all of the following should be covered by your tub warranty.

Regular care and upkeep of your portable tub will ensure many years of enjoyment and low maintenance costs. Most inflatable hot tubs need only to be filled with water and topped off. This provides you with instant access to your backyard. However, to assure proper drainage and adequate water circulation, a few simple steps will improve your backyard’s appearance and comfort. Portable inflatable hot tubs tend to be more compact than standard tubs and will take up less space.

It is highly recommended that you purchase an inflatable hot tub spa that is rated for larger children. A good manufacturer’s warranty will help to keep you well-informed as to when necessary repairs are due to a problem with the product. An elongated hose with a locking mechanism will make it easier to contain a child who has fallen into the system. In addition, you should have a toolbox with at least one screwdriver and pliers to handle minor repairs. Having this may reduce the possibility of a serious injury from a rupture in the hose or a puncture.

Some portable hot tub features, such as padded seats, have been known to cause injury or even death if used inappropriately. Before purchasing any accessory, you should first read the owner manual or the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use. If you are unsure about how to use a particular item, it is wise to consult a professional. You should also make sure there are no devices attached that could become a safety hazard while in use. For example, a heater that is left on is a potential suffocation hazard, so you should ensure the heater is shut off when not in use.

One common mistake made by owners is overloading the hot tub. This can cause the water temperature to rise beyond what the pump can handle, which can result in a backwashing of water or a plugged air filter. Therefore, the first step before purchasing any inflatable accessories is to understand the maximum dimensions of the spa you are going to purchase and to determine how much additional plumbing is required to support its size. A digital control panel lets you know the water temperature and can be used to set a timer, start and stop the pump, control the suction and humidity, and display the spa water level.

High quality portable spas have a minimum depth of twenty-four inches and a maximum depth of fifty-six inches, but most portable tubs are actually larger than this thanks to their high i-beam construction. The i-beam construction is a four-inch thick wall of fiberglass surrounded by a thick steel ring for reinforcement. The i-beam is great for use in hot tub applications because it is extremely sturdy, yet can fit into tight places where other tubs cannot. Portable spas can also be constructed with foam insulation that has a puncture-resistant inner lining. This inner lining is reinforced with a steel core and is available in single-piece, double-piece, or triple-layer insulation.

High quality portable spas come with many features, such as adjustable seats and separate seating for adults and children, a built-in heater for use year round, a deluxe tank with shampoo and soap, built-in shelves and racks for holding water and chemicals, a step-on and non-step-on base, an easy-to-use control panel, a durable outer case, an adjustable door, and an air pump. Most come with an air pump to inflate and deflate the unit. Most also have side panels and doors with locking latches, a durable outer case, a protective air hose, a step-on frame, a padded seat and a durable outer shell. Portable hot tubs are available for both indoor and outdoor use. There are different sizes, shapes, styles, and options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. For more information on portable spas, to learn about hot tub safety and guidelines, and to view examples of various types of portable spas, visit the Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide.