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Portable Hot Tub – Tips For Buying an Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub

What are the pros and cons of an outdoor inflatable hot tub? It sounds like a great idea. You can have an indoor/outdoor hot tub without the expense and trouble of installing one indoors, right on your deck or patio. With all the low cost stores out there, you can get one for under $200 and have it up and running in no time. But have you considered the cons and advantages?

The main disadvantage of having an inflatable spa is the temperature control. When you are outside and feeling the cold breeze blowing through your veins, you will not be able to use the jets that are installed in indoor spas. Since the jets regulate the temperature of the spa, if you have an inflatable tub with a heater, the temperature inside can become too hot and you will not be comfortable.

When you are outside and want to relax, you need a temperature that is comfortable. Otherwise, you could end up getting sunburned and you don’t want that. When you put the jets on inside the tub, you can set the temperature at about seventy degrees. If you step outside to take a shower, you will be able to do so comfortably because the temperature outside is about fourteen degrees cooler. In addition, the led light inside the tub can easily become flicked on by the wind and if this happens, you won’t be enjoying your relaxation period.

One of the other disadvantages is the fact that the inflatable hot tubs are not insulated well. The problem with this is that it makes the tub very inviting to people who are trying to cool off. If you have an outdoor space, you should make sure that you have insulation to protect against the hot temperatures. Otherwise, you will be losing money by letting the heat in. Some companies sell plastic tubes that they use to insulate the tubes. You should make sure that the tubes are sealed well or you might be paying for something that will get ruined in a few months.

One of the newest trends is the electric type of heating device for the hot tubs. This works by using a digital control panel and pumps to distribute heat evenly throughout the room. This makes the water temperature stay at levels that you want.

Outdoor spa heaters are another option that many spas are including in their models. These work in a similar fashion to electric hot tubs, with the exception that it has fewer jets. These are used to distribute heat more evenly. They are much less expensive than traditional hot tubs. Most spas that sell them also sell air conditioners that you can plug into the jets to keep the temperature down when you are not in the spa.

There are now portable hot tubs that have an LCD screen that is used to tell you the water temperature as you are lying in the tub. You can set the controls to monitor the water temperature wherever you are in the spa. A great feature that you will definitely appreciate is that some of these devices even have a back light to see what you are doing while you are lying in the water. The digital control panel makes it easy to see what you are doing in the hot tub as you don’t need to move from one spot to another to read it on your screen.

Some portable hot tubs have jets that you can manually control. This is done by pushing a button on the remote control. Most jetted tubs come with a built in air-jet system. If you want to increase the jet system, you can do so with a few inexpensive accessories that you can purchase from any home improvement store.