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In late 2010, an Oasis Hot Tub was added to the roster of establishments in Manhattan Beach that offering sauna, steam bath, and other relaxation necessities. About Oasis Hot Tub and Therapy Barons Court, situated at 2020 Wall Street, right next to the old Empire State Building, provides a full list of SPA services, which includes hot stone therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, and more. The entire experience is set amid beautiful natural lighting. Guests are free to wander throughout the relaxing pool area, while having a drink from the many different taps available.

oasis hot tub spa

Customers are free to enjoy all of these services for an affordable price. Prices vary depending on which package or combo they purchase. The various packages include an individual hot tub with jets, a two-person hot tub with jets, or a five-person 19-jet spa with jets. Each of these options allows for the user to have a different style of soaking experience.

Oasis Hot Tubs can be found throughout the United States, but is especially popular in California. They have an array of styles to choose from including: cabins, pedestal, vertical, and permanent in-ground hot tub. Cabins are designed to accommodate three or four people comfortably. Portable spas and pedestal hot tubs can fit in any size of room, while permanent structures are great for large areas such as a living or family room. Pinthium and vertical hot tub spas are also available.

The Oasis Hot Tub has a number of options, which allows it to fit into any home. The most popular option is the better hot tub which is available in a wide range of sizes. It has the capacity to fit two people, but can also support up to twelve. The options include: seater, single, dual, tandem, and multiple. With the use of electric power, the size of the unit can be adjusted as needed.

Other added accessories include: underwater led light, MP3 music player, DVD player, and telephone. Some of the more popular add-ons include: extra tall cushions for extra seating, remote control, ice bucket, and extra deep soaking tub. This variety allows the Oasis Hot Tub owner to create the exact spa experience for each of their guests.

The Oasis Hot Tub also includes many of the same features as more expensive models, but at a lower price. For example, the Oasis has a built-in microwave, which allows for easy preparation of many snacks and meals. It also comes with a deluxe towel, which double as a robe, and an extra large soap dish.

As far as safety concerns go, the Oasis Hot Tub meets all national standards. It is one of only a few hot tub models that have an automatic shut-off system. In addition, the tub comes standard with an automatic temperature setting, which allows you to preheat the water to the proper temperature without having to manually switch it on or off. Many Oasis tubs also feature under-the-seat hand rails, which eliminate the need to ladder and make clean up much easier.

One Oasis Hot Tub model that really caught my attention was the Predator. This is a smaller version of the Hot Tub that is only four feet long. It includes all of the same options (including the heated towel and additional robes) and also has the same type of under-the-seat child safety light that the larger Hot Tubs come with. When I compared these models with the Sconce Hot Tubs–my personal favorite–I noted that I was able to get more volume from the sound effects and that there was not quite as much room under the seating for toys and other small things.