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Leisure Bay Hot Tub, located in sunny California, is among the leading hot tub brands that were involved in the industry for more than 30 years, having a very good reputation for producing high-class, durable, stylish spa with its great innovations and technical innovations. The company has made many different hot tub models with different features and specifications with different sets of accessories and materials used. Among the hot tub models sold by Leisure are those made of aluminum, acrylic, cast iron and stainless steel. All these models have their own distinctive features that make them different from one another.

leisure bay hot tub

Leisure Bay Hot Tub A: The Leisure Bay Hot Tub A model is equipped with an error code safety screen. It is basically a digital device that displays the pressure level of water within the tub. If any error is detected, then the automatic shut off system will automatically turn off the power. The device is very easy to use and can be read easily even by a child. You can also monitor the temperature of the water in your tub through this error code, which means that it can work even if you do not know how to read it. However, if you have an automatic shut off system, then it will automatically shut down as soon as an error code is detected.

Leisure Bay Hot Tub B: The Leisure Bay Hot Tub B model is equipped with a very large heat generating jet system. This jet system generates high pressure jets that can effectively warm the body in a very comfortable manner. This jet system provides a number of therapeutic effects including pain relief, stress relief, elimination of body toxins, and massage. It also helps to eliminate aches and pains.

Leisure Bay Hot Tubs comes with a variety of built-in lighting systems. There are five zones of lighting system which can be used individually or can be coordinated to form a bright, warm and relaxing atmosphere inside the hot tub. These lights can be dimmed or turned on whenever you please according to your preferences.

The Leisure Bay Hot Tub contains a built-in error code system that allows a technician to quickly detect any problems with the pump or jets once they have been detected. This error code is automatically pressed and released six times per second with the help of a microprocessor. Once the sensor recognizes that there is something wrong with the pressure switch or pump, it quickly adjusts the setting so that the jets and heaters are put to optimum temperature and pressure.

The Leisure Bay Hot Tub contains a number of thermostats that allow a person to control the amount of heat produced by the jets. The various thermostats include a master thermostat and a specific heat zone. The master thermostat controls the heating system, whereas a specific heat zone is used by the heaters to maintain the water level in the tub. If either of these two thermostats are set incorrectly, the heaters will not work.

Another feature of this high-quality spa is its hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy is provided through an overhead tube that extends from the top of the spa to the floor of the unit. The hydrotherapy provides a constant flow of warm water that circulates around the jets. The hydrotherapy also provides a therapeutic benefit by relieving stress and soothing sore muscles. An added bonus to this hydrotherapy system is the LED light that illuminates the water. The lighting system is powered by two 12-volt batteries, one installed on the roof near the hot tub and one located inside the hot tub.

Leisure Bay has designed its Hot Tubs to be durable and withstand a lot of abuse. It does not come with lifetime warranties. You can enjoy twenty years or more of continuous pleasure and service when you invest in these tubs. Leisure Bay spas are built to last, to withstand wear and tear for decades, and to provide outstanding customer service. When you own a Leisure Bay Hot Tub, you can enjoy twenty years or more of use and beauty.