Island spas offer more than just hydrotherapy. They give you the opportunity to relax and unwind by taking advantage of all the amenities on offer. In addition to hydrotherapy, many spas have steam rooms and saunas for use by the guests. Island spas often feature options for individual spares, such as hand held showers, jetted steam rooms, and power showers. Island spas can be used for more intensive treatments including Swedish massage, deep pore cleansing, reflexology, and other alternative therapies. You can find an island spa for almost any purpose.

island spa hot tub

Island spas hot tubs also feature a full spa showroom where you can wet test spas and view the features available. All Artesian spas filters water, pumps, and circulate warm, clean, ionized water. No single element is more important for excellent pool or hot bath water quality than an effective filtration method.

All Island spa hot tubs use carbon filters. The Grand Bahama Island Spa System has a dual filtration unit that includes both a pre-filter and a post-filter. The dual filtration assures you of clean, healthy, crystal clear water free from chlorine and other chemical pollutants common in tap water.

Island spa systems are made of durable materials. The interior of the hot tub is constructed from strong, lightweight material that won’t crack or break. The exterior features durable powder coat finish that resists fading, chipping, and peeling. You can choose from a number of add-on accessories including personalized spa towels and drink coasters. All island spas also have built-in electronic controls to properly set the pressure and activate the lighting features.

The most important accessory for your island spa is your hydrotherapy enclosure. These enclosures help keep your water crystal clear and ensure that you enjoy a comfortable temperature. The hydrotherapy enclosure features durable mesh sides that are enclosed by high-density foam for added safety. It also has built-in leak-proof seals that keep water from spilling out of the enclosure.

Hot tubs are great relaxation tools, but they can also help you shed your everyday stressors. The island hot springs on Grand Bahama Island provide therapeutic benefits and support your overall health. All island spas offer a relaxing experience with optional deep massages. Some of the available massage features include Shiatsu, Thai massage, Reiki, Swedish massage, and other exotic massage techniques.

Once you have experienced the therapeutic benefits of an island spa, you won’t want to go back to a daily stress routine. For optimum health benefits, you should allow your hot tub to be maintained by professionals at least once a year. If you live on Grand Bahama Island, you can have your spa professionally serviced by Island Spa Management every six months or as needed. You should schedule regular spa maintenance visits to help keep your spa in optimal shape.

Some island spas feature more than one hydrotherapy setting and you can choose to soak your cares away at any of them. There is no reason why you cannot enjoy the soothing effects of your island spa hot tub all year round. To get the most enjoyment, you should select one that features the best amenities and features. Consider the following features when selecting your spa:

The best hot tubs are equipped with features such as: non-slip flooring, insulation, windows, shelves, electrical hookups and more. It is also important to investigate the quality of the water, safety measures, and maintenance records of the spa equipment. If you’re investing in an island spa, you want to make sure it will provide years of quality service and enjoyment. Make sure your spa includes a self-cleaning system so you can conveniently maintain your spa while you’re away from home. The cost of your spa may be affected by spa equipment, hot tub chemicals, spa maintenance, and service contracts.

The number of spas available can vary widely depending on the size and popularity of the island location. If you’re interested in purchasing several islands to use in your own private hot tub, make sure the sizes and features to meet your requirements. You may be able to save money by purchasing individual spas if you select a reputable vendor. Many larger spas offer special packages for multiple islands; make sure to check with your vendor to see what is available.

Some spas feature multiple islands that can each be equipped with different options and features. Consider the number of people who will be using your hot tub before selecting which island features to include. Also consider whether you want to have only one hot tub or if you would like to entertain guests in your spa. Spas can also come in a variety of sizes and designs. An island hot tub in your backyard may be just what you need to break free from stress and relax in luxury.