Intex Purespa Person Portable Hot Tub is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate your body. It is the perfect addition to any home or apartment. You can enjoy a relaxing bath while listening to the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore or listening to the rushing sound of the ocean waves coming to the shore. The Intex Purespa Person Portable Hot Tub is an inflatable spa that is perfect for summer vacations or long weekends away. Let your stress melt away with the soothing and rhythmic sounds of the Intex Purespa.

intex purespa person portable octagonal inflatable hot tub spa

Relaxation and revitalization are the two major features of the Intex Purespa. Pamper yourself in relaxing, heated water enclosed in a comforting, air-filled bubble system. The PureSpa gives complete relaxation at the touch of your fingertip for as many people as desired.

The Fiber-Tech Construction and their puncture-proof, three-ply vinyl laminated material give the ultimate comfort, stability and support. Constructed with a sturdy octagonal shape, the PureSpa will surely bring the appearance and texture of luxury right to your home or any room. They are available in sizes ranging from six feet long to sixteen feet long. There are many unique and attractive colors available to match any decor. Some of the most popular colors are the tan, white, black, blue and pink.

The Intex Purespa Person Portable Hot Tub comes with a fiberglass reinforced bottom that is also rigid. This helps to eliminate warping, cracking or folding. It also provides exceptional resistance to high and low temperatures. The rigid bottom ensures that there is no danger of the unit collapsing in heavy winds. It’s also portable enough to be moved from one side of your house to the other with ease.

It includes an electric pump, powerful and efficient hydroelectric drive. The impeller directs the incoming water into a precise, controlled spray pattern that activates the air release valve, which automatically delivers the water in the appropriate spray pattern. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, thanks to the durable design. All parts are covered with a 5 year limited warranty. The fiberglass reinforced bottom resists cracking and warping, ensuring that your tub remains protected. The motorized pump provides powerful, smooth water flow and is also easily accessible and simple to operate.

The Intex Purespa also comes in a number of sizes to suit your personal preference. Available as small, medium and large, they are ideal for relaxing and unwinding in comfort. Although they are portable, they do not compromise on the level of relaxation. They are strong and sturdy and can even accommodate two adults inside. They are available in different colors and finishes and you can even choose to add a few jets if you want more water flow and mobility.

With a portable spa like the Intex Purespa Person, you never have to worry about safety. They are equipped with automatic shut-off valves that prevent the tub from overheating. They also feature a safety lock to ensure that no one will accidentally go in while you are bathing and are equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental capsization of the tub.

One of the best reasons to invest in a portable Intex Purespa tub is the price. They are not only more affordable than large luxury models but they are also much easier and less expensive to install. This is because they are made of lightweight material and you can easily mount them on your deck or anywhere you want to install your new tub. As for portability, they are very easy to carry around because they have a lightweight frame and can fit into most vehicles.