oval inflatable hot tub

Indoor Spa With Oval Inflatable Hot Tub – Relax in Your Own Backyard Oasis With This Personal Spa

The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa comes in several sizes. They are durable and will stand up against the roughest of conditions. This is a good way to cool down after a workout or day at the beach. You can inflate it as soon as you arrive at your destination and walk out into a warm spa.

With an adjustable heater on the bottom of the unit you can regulate the temperature of the water that is pumped into the spa. This makes it easy to find deep relaxation in your own backyard oasis with the convenience of an indoor hot tub. The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa adds comfort to any vacation or get-away. This portable personal spa also comes with a compressor to power the heater on and off. The quick heat up process quickly heats up the water to a relaxing 104 degrees using energy that is saved from the air circulation. A personal spa also comes with built-in inflow pumps that force water into the entire cavity of the inflatable.

This hot tub has two separate sides with the large side having built-in seating for two people, and the smaller side only has a built-in seat and cover. You can easily turn this into a two-person shower with an elevated seat for additional comfort. The htio2bld oval inflatable hot tub spa with drink tray and cover has a removable, waterproof vinyl liner that prevents condensation from collecting. It also features a built-in seat that is easily adjusted to accommodate either a tall or short person. You can fit this tub into almost any small or narrow spot, making it highly versatile as well as functional.

This oval hot tub has all of the benefits of a traditional whirlpool spa, but it has the convenience of an indoor spa as well. This product comes with a whirlpool spa, adjustable heaters, a water control button, and easy access to a drink and heat up buttons. This product offers a unique design which allows you to quickly and easily change the direction of the heated elements by twisting the control knob in the back. The high-quality personal spa water system is designed to heat up to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees, so you are assured of a refreshing bath anytime you want one. This product provides a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

This inflatable tub comes with four adjustable heating times, a thermostatic valve, power head, and exclusive bumpers. The heat and air chambers are filled with an innovative self-heating system that features two high-tech blowers. This system is designed to heat the tub up to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees. The four heated levels range from seven to eleven degrees above room temperature. The integrated thermostatic valve helps to maintain the right temperature at all times, even when you forget to flip the switch.

The inflatable hot tub with a built-in thermostatic valve allows the user to manually vary the heating time. The heat and air chambers can be manually adjusted from seven to eleven degrees below room temperature. Also, the high-tech blowers help to evenly distribute surface heat throughout the entire heating chamber, while the powerful, high-temperature and filter pump works to keep air bubbles from settling to the bottom and creating cold spots inside the bubbles.

The hydrotherapy chamber can also be manually deflated for easy cleaning. The unique urethane air bladder makes it water resistant and stain resistant, as well as waterproof. The total height of the inflatable hot tub is three feet eight inches long, and it weighs one and a half pounds. The hydroelectric powered compressor is fitted with a hi-limit overload release valve, so it can be used safely in any situation. Also, the user can remove the main tank without any complicated process.

This personal spa also comes with an installed electric air pump, a variable speed air compressor, and two wall screens with dual-power head lights. This makes using the hot tub enjoyable even when the weather outside is less than ideal. You can also find deep relaxation in your own backyard oasis with’s oval inflatable hot tub. This 2-person spa offers all of the mental and physical health benefits of a traditional hot tub with a more affordable price point, making this an ideal option for those who still want the benefits of a spa without the cost.