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The Intex Portable Hot Tub is manufactured by the company called Aqua Plexus, a part of the Pentek Corporation. This hot tub is made from fiberglass surrounded by a protective shell. This product is intended to be used in residential as well as commercial applications. The company claims that the product is easy to use and reliable. The company provides the following information on their Intex brand.

Many users of the Intex Portable Hot Tub express that this product is very relaxing and does the job as it promises. One reviewer says that the Intex has become an important part of his or her family’s home spa. The Intex Portable Hot Tub is available in several different sizes to suit individuals of all sizes. The tub comes with a variety of unique features such as adjustable massage jets, therapeutic bubbles and other exciting massage therapy features.

Some other positive things that many people comment on regarding the Intex portable hot tub are its durable construction and powerful jets. The tub is also puncture proof and is resistant to algae growth. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty, so if you should happen to own one shortly before it expires, you will receive a replacement without trouble. It is also extremely durable, and Intex itself believes that it is strong enough to withstand a tremendous amount of force applied to it.

The company also offers some impressive portable spa reviews. According to one review, the tub works well and is a great value for the money spent. In addition, the jets are powerful and relaxing.

The Intex portable spa tub has some unique features that are not commonly found on other tubs. One unique feature is that the jets are not synchronized. Rather, they work independently, depending on the body’s needs. This allows a variety of different massaging techniques to be used at any given moment, without having to stop the massage system to wait for the jets to synchronize. This feature is very helpful, especially for those who enjoy multiple treatments at once.

Intex portable hot tubs have the option of accommodating up to four people. They can be accommodated by adding a single or double bench. Although the jets are capable of adjusting themselves to accommodate two people at a time, it is recommended that they be used in tandem with another device such as the Adjustable Spa Control. This is especially helpful because it enables two people to adjust the jets to the necessary settings for them, without having to stop the massage system to allow adjustment. This means that two people can enjoy their treatment at the same time.

Many hot tubs require you to use an electronic heater for them to work at all times. While many electric heaters are very affordable, they can be extremely dangerous to use in enclosed areas. Intex portable spas have thermostats installed in them, so they are completely safe to use even if they are placed in an open area. A thermostat is much like an electronic temperature controller, only it controls both the temperature of the water and that of the air surrounding the spa.

Portable hot tubs by Intex are also extremely lightweight and can be moved around easily. This is ideal for people who may want to treat themselves to a hot tub at various times throughout the year. If you live in a cold climate where the temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter, it may be important to purchase a heater with an external heating system. Purchasing an external heater for your Intex may be the best way to prevent your portable spa from developing a pool of water in the winter months, which can cause your water heater to become extremely overworked.