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Whether you’re thinking about installing a new spa in your back yard or adding a spa enclosure to an existing spa, selecting a strong spa hot tub is essential to get the most out of your spa investment. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right spa hot tub and spa accessories, but the first thing to know before diving into the buying process is this: what’s your spa’s intended purpose? (Is it primarily for therapeutic purposes, just to relax in, or for relaxation purposes?)

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Think about the primary purpose before shopping for spas. If you’re looking to treat injuries or promote overall health and wellness, strong spas are probably a good idea. For example, strong spas with jets can be great if you want to treat sprained ankles, knees, or ankles in the comfort of your own home. Conversely, many home spas are primarily for relaxing and unwinding, so smaller, more portable spas might be more appropriate for those who want to soak in the privacy of their own home. Home spas come in a variety of shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of features, so keep that in mind.

Next, think about price. Although some spas can cost thousands of dollars, many can be had at a reasonable price. In fact, many low-priced hot tubs perform just as well as the most expensive models. Most general spas range from three to seven gallons per minute; and strong spa series spas are available from ten to twenty-eight gallons per minute. These are prices for the most basic models.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of possible spas, consider whether you want a water filtration system or a simple mechanical filtration unit. If you’re seeking a strong spa with powerful jets, you’ll need a strong water filtration system. The strength of the jets will be determined by the shape and design of the spa’s hoses. In order to maximize the amount of jet pressure, the length of the hoses needs to be long enough to accommodate the longest hoses possible without becoming tangle-ridden. High quality spas will have elongated hoses, allowing them to safely accommodate themselves over many years without becoming damaged.

Many hot tub manufacturers provide a variety of spares for buyers. A strong spa will usually come with a one year warranty, although most common models offer longer warranties ranging from ten to fifteen years. This is important to know, since it shows that the manufacturer has confidence in the durability of the unit. Buyers should also inquire about extended warranties offered by the spa company, which may be beneficial if the hot tub breaks down in the future.

Finally, ask about additional features and accessories available with certain hot tubs. These can include extra massaging jets, music, temperature control, and water mirrors. Some hydrotherapy spas even offer exercise equipment built into the Jacuzzi for users who want to work out in the tub. Other companies provide pumps, valves, and water lines in order to create the illusion of a larger space, similar to the effect of an outdoor swimming pool. These features are usually referred to as “infrared” features, because they use the heat of the sun to stimulate the muscles.

A strong spa will offer a variety of hydrotherapy jets, from pulsating jets to gentle jets. It’s important to inquire about the number and type of hydrotherapy jets and their relative power. Some jets are capable of providing more overall energy than others. This can have a significant impact on the total cost of a hydrotherapy system.

As you can see, choosing a strong spa doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. The primary determining factor should really be what you expect to get out of it. Will it be a relaxing experience for you? Will you enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits? Knowing what you hope to achieve with your new spa will help you choose wisely.