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How to Properly Service Your Cal Spa Hot Tub

For those who have had dreams of relaxing at the spa but are afraid of the price, there is now good news. The California Spa Hot Tub is now available for people on a budget. With it is the sleek new modern design which gives it the ultimate luxury and style, to top it off it has beautiful underwater led lighting so you can feel the soothing jets under your feet. However don’t let all of that amazing beauty fool you, that great Cal Spa hot tub is also one serious spa performer, with 51 jets this hot tub is ideal for even the more experienced hot tubmers.

This spa definitely takes the win in the show when it comes to performance capabilities. The all stainless steel body definitely looks like it will last for years to come. Even though it doesn’t, you do have the option to upgrade to the tankless hot tub which will eliminate that need for an extra garden hose. Just add a garden hose to any traditional spa and the fun stops. These days you can even find models which incorporate both the jet system and a solar panel for that added energy savings.

Speaking of extra accessories, there is an accessory that is standard on all models and tops the list as far as value for money goes. A handy garden hose-bib fixture is fitted into the spa drain hole to make filling a water container as convenient as possible. No longer do you have to dig down deep to get that precious water from the bottom of the tub. Not only does this garden hose-bib fixture save you time, it also makes filling the tub much easier. It is very simple and everyone should have one on hand.

Another useful Cal Spa accessory is the Cal Spa pump. The Cal Spa pump is an integral part of the hot tub and performs two functions. Firstly, it pumps water from the bottom of the spa to the top in order to fill it. Secondly, it circulates the water through the drainage pipe so that when it reaches the tank, it can be drained without interruption. This saves time and money, especially during the summer months when the sun can heat up your water tank!

The latest model of the Cal Spa hot tub incorporates a unique feature that makes the spa water very relaxing. It is called the prog button and it is located on the control panel next to the air pump. This button changes the speed of the water flow through the tubes to reach the desired temperature. With a wide range of temperatures available, the Cal Spa II Bromine Generator provides hours of relaxation and enjoyment.

In order to keep your Cal Spa running at its best, regular maintenance and repairs are required. One thing that is commonly overlooked by persons is proper cleaning of the tubes and pipes. There should be a good supply of garden hose available for cleaning these areas, especially where there are large pieces of hair and debris stuck to them. In addition, a good quality hose bib is recommended for maintenance purposes. It helps you to prevent your Cal Spa from getting clogged with debris.

As part of the spa maintenance plan, it is recommended that the water should be changed approximately every three weeks. When you are servicing your Cal Spa II, you will notice that the water inside the tubes is dark red and has an odor of bleach. This is caused by calcium built up which is caused by the accumulation of algae and debris in the pipes. If this problem is allowed to continue, the calcium may break down the walls of the tubes and the entire hot tub could become ruined. Therefore, it is advised that the owner find out how to remove this algae build up as soon as possible.

In case you do not know how to drain a Cal Spa II, you can ask help from a skilled and licensed plumber who will be able to drain the tub without causing any damage to the equipment or structure of the spa. A hose-bib fixture can help you drain the tub more effectively. You should drain the spa by first aiming the hose at the drain plug and then pushing the hose to the bottom of the tub. Then turn the hot tub upside down and allow the hose to be removed. Before reinstalling the hose-bib fixture, you should make sure that the drain plug is turned on and clear.