marquis hot tub

How to Choose the Right Hot Tub

Marquis hot tubs are well known in the market. They have built a good reputation and are considered as a good investment. They are made of high quality materials and are long lasting. If you want to have an elegant and luxurious bathtub, you should consider buying a Marquis Hot Tub. They offer you different models and you can find a good one for your home. These tubs are usually very affordable and are worth every cent.

There are many models available by this brand which has different features, styles, and of course varying prices. The most expensive hot tub models from Marquis are The Show Hot Tub in The Signature Series and The Napa Hot Tub in Celebrity series. All these models offer high quality and a superior spa experience. You can also buy luxury hot tubs that are very expensive but will offer you a lifetime of quality spa experience.

The models, which come from the Signature Series are all made of stainless steel construction. All parts are hand crafted and the manufacturing process ensures that they are all sturdy and long lasting. As compared to other hot tub manufacturers, Marquis uses a more advanced technology for the manufacture of their hot tubs. They have an optional floating seal system called the Vector 21 System.

The Vector 21 System is a patented creation and is used in almost all the Marquis luxury hot tubs. This optional system offers superior sound clarity and eliminates unwanted background noises. The elite hot tub models are equipped with twin speakers, two power outlets and an optional remote control. This is a great feature because you do not have to strain your hearing when you are relaxing in the tub. The speakers play soft music, soothing sounds and create a relaxing environment.

If you want a luxurious ambiance in your house or office, then you should opt for the Vector 21 Hot Tub. The optional Vector 21 System is another innovation of Marquis which helps in heating the water to a higher level. In this system, it pumps more water into the system for the purpose of heating it at a higher temperature. It can also be used as an alternative to a conventional heating element by increasing the temperature of the water to a desired level.

You can choose any of the Marquis hot tub models as per your requirements. You just need to select a unit with a higher water capacity, a high horsepower pump and a comfortable and cozy enclosure with luxurious cushions and optional audio systems. There are many such units with more enhanced features which provide various additional benefits like auto shut off, auto on/off thermostats, adjustable thermostat controls, programmable auto shut off and over current protection.

Hot tub spas can be used for various purposes. Some of them are simply meant to relax and de-stress oneself. Others are meant for providing pain relief to the patients suffering from arthritis and other chronic conditions. There are also those hot tub spas which are meant for treating the pregnant women who suffer from high blood pressure. Hot tub spas have become quite popular among people who want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming. Most spas in Florida have been built with excellent designs and quality control measures are maintained meticulously by skilled technicians.

Most of the hot tub spas come with unique features like massaging jets, oxygenating jets, music systems, and lighted interiors. The spa jets perform the task of eliminating dust particles, mud, pollen, grime and other unwanted substances from the water. The oxygenating jets help in revitalizing the body and the muscles. Music systems produce soothing sound waves that make you feel relaxed and stress free. Lighted interiors enhance the beauty of the spa and attract loads of natural light, which helps in rejuvenating your mind and body.