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coleman saluspa reviews

Hot Tubs From Coleman

When I first heard about Coleman Saluspa filters I was very interested. I have two tubs in my house and a big concern with them is the water pressure. The last thing I want is my shower to turn off at a low water pressure so I read about this filter and decided to go out and get a pair for my bath. If you are like me I understand how important having a good filter can be in an emergency.

There are several Coleman Saluspa reviews that are available on the internet. There are both positive and negative ratings with each one stating what pros and cons they had. My search began with amazon and I decided to purchase a tub and a heater separately to see which one worked better. I am happy that I did because in the long run it pays for itself. I bought the Coleman hot tub and heater and had a blast during my search on amazon.

My next step was to find some Coleman saluspa reviews on the net but again I could not find any good info. I remembered the last tub I purchased and it did not have a compressor like the Coleman model I wanted so I needed to find one that would fit in the hot tub and that was the px. I read a couple of reviews on the net and it seemed that most people liked the Coleman hot tub… but then I looked more into it and found out that most of the people were saying why I should not buy the px as I would be needing it the most.

In my research I found out that the compressor is an essential part of all Coleman tubs. It takes up room but it will save you money by helping keep your costs down. I did some more reading and found out that the hot tub has a filter and a heat exchanger and that these filters do not get cleaned as regularly as the inflatable pumps. The reason I found this out is because the manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters on a regular basis. I think once you get used to the pump that you will not want to clean the filters as they come with the tub. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your investment I suggest you purchase the quick heating device to give you that extra heat you need.

The second thing that I read from Coleman was that the jets and heaters have some flaws. You can overheat the system or under heat the system, both of which are pretty annoying. I will add that the instructions were very clear and that the manufacturers recommend using the included heaters for heating and not the jets. They also recommend only using the timer to slow down and increase your heat. Some users of the Coleman hot tub have not had any problems with either of these jets or the heater, however this review will not be complete if I did not mention the purespa heating system.

The only real negative comment I saw was that the quick warming option that comes with the system is not very good insulation. It seems that it does not use the same kind of quick heating mechanism like the other models of Coleman tubs I have seen. This may be due to the way the heating mechanism on the purespa works; it can take some time to heat up and slow down. Regardless it is a negative comment since I feel this flaw could be resolved by making a more durable bubble release and possibly changing the quick heating mechanism.

All in all, these are great tubs and the Coleman Saluspa reviews are quite good overall. For those that need to treat a large area quickly, the Coleman Profecta Tub is well built and performs very well. If your looking for a luxurious tub that has a lot of built in features, look no further than the Coleman Saluspa. These tubs are extremely quiet, clean and provide you with a silky smooth water treatment.

For those that are still on the fence regarding the Coleman Saluspa Tub, I would encourage you to check out the Amazon site for a ton more information. At the Amazon site you can find the product without having to leave the comfort of home. You can read up on many different topics including the pros and cons of the model you are interested in from reading reviews of previous owners. You can also read what others have had to say about the Coleman Profecta Tub as well as read testimonials of the tub. In the end, the decision is yours and there is no better place to shop than at Amazon.