coleman inflatable hot tub

Hot Tub Reviews – What They Are Saying About the Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

A Coleman Hot Tub is perfect for day long family trips or longer relaxing evenings with friends and family. After a busy day, nothing is more relaxing than lying in warm, steaming water right by your back door. The Coleman SaluSpa AirSwim gives a relaxing massage sensation for up to six people, while being simple and quick to setup. Simply attach the compressor to your hose, and watch as it expands.

Gentle Whirlpool Bath System: This portable Amazon hot tub spa is the perfect accompaniment to a Coleman outdoor tub. This is the largest and most luxurious model of the Coleman inflatable hot tubs. With separate showerheads and multiple jets, this unit will provide the ultimate relaxation for you and the entire family. Portable Amazon bath spa review

Multi-Purpose Pump/Air Jets: The Coleman SaluPipe is an amazing creation. This portable model is great for everyday use and can be used for multiple applications. The Coleman Air Jets features powerful air jets that are great for creating bubbles in the tub, and is also a great stress buster when you need a good soak. The multi-purpose pump offers a constant supply of warm air that is always available when you need it.

Dual Hot Tub/Air Jet System: The dual hot tub/air jet system allows up to four adults to use the unit at the same time. You can add the jets while the tub is not in use, and the jets will work even if the tub is not in use. This dual hot tub system offers variable settings on the jets and inflatable pump for each person. The system is very effective at heating up a large group of adults in a short amount of time.

Filtration System: The Coleman system has a high-tech filtration system that uses ion exchange and dryer filters to provide clear, clean water. The ion exchange and dryer filters provide purification that kills germs and bacteria and maintain a high PH level to eliminate chlorine and harmful chemicals from your water. This filtration system works extremely well at maintaining a comfortable temperature in the Coleman hot tub. The system has a thermostat that regulates the heating and dehumidification of the Coleman hot tub, which keeps the water at a consistent temperature. This temperature control makes it very important for the safety of all of your family members.

PCI Certified: The presence of a non-pumping air pump and non-electric air compressor, coupled with a powerful dryer and high-speed filtration system, gives the Coleman a high level of portability. The ability to move the tub from room to room allows you to take the tub along when you travel and still enjoy the amazing benefits it provides. You can store the unit easily, and since it comes with a durable warranty you know you are getting the best in comfort and durability.

Comfort and Style: These two features – versatility and comfort – are combined in the ultimate in spa comfort and style. You can take the portable Coleman spa wherever it goes with you and enjoy its portability and comfort wherever you go. You can take it camping and use it as a relaxing, aromatherapy, hot tub replacement during the day and a refreshing, luxurious soak at night. The PCI certified flow-through water system gives you the most controlled water capacity for the utmost in spa experience. With its ability to heat and cool water to the perfect temperature, the maximum water capacity gives you the ultimate in hot tub performance and heat loss prevention.