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Have you ever considered checking out Hawaii’s Hana Inflatable Spa? It’s the one that lots of travelers overlook when they are planning their vacation. The location is one of the most popular, too. If you’re headed to the islands this year, Hana is definitely a must-see. But how do you know which inflatable is the best?

There are actually four people who should know about the Hawaii Inflatable Spa before anyone else does: the owner, Ray Moore; three personal care experts, Ellen Wunn; and four members of the general public who discovered this haven of relaxation while on a shopping excursion. “Ray and Ellen were just hanging out, and we heard them talking about how great the havana inflatable spa was,” says Ellen. “We came to visit the place the next day, and we all kind of fell in love right away. We know that it’s not for everyone–and we don’t necessarily recommend it for those who are scared of water currents or those with respiratory issues,” she continues. But if you’re open to the idea, it may be a great choice for you and your friends or family.

The uniqueness of the Hana spa lies in the fact that it is not actually a spa at all; it’s an inflatable hot tub. When you step inside, you instantly feel the soothing water pressure as you soak your tired body. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, almost like a cocoon. It’s like stepping into another dimension. To add some more excitement, you can also rent a personalized spa tank, which you can fill up with water yourself and pump back and forth to achieve the same water pressure feeling.

“The people at Hana are genuinely friendly and helpful, and I felt right at home,” says JoAnne. “Ray and Ellen made it clear from the beginning just how easy it was to set up and start using the spa, and we didn’t have to worry about clogging or ruining our pump because it’s not permanent. And since it’s inflatable, we were able to store it in a small space so that we could take it along on our vacation. Plus, we could put up the water slide anytime, no matter where we were.”

JoAnne and Ray rented several spas before they found the perfect one for their friends. “We learned so much about Hana by reading Hana spa reviews, because they are so different than any other company. Their customer service and products were top-notch, and it was nice to be able to share those personal experiences with others too. We were so impressed with the variety of products they offer, and how customer oriented and helpful they were,” says JoAnne. “Ray and I especially enjoyed learning that we could fill up the spa with our own water to pump back and forth, and that our kids couldn’t get in too deep because of the safety features.”

For their eight-year-old daughter, JoAnne and Ray wanted to show their daughter that they were doing the right thing by buying her own in home spa. “Spa is a luxury for us, and we want to make sure that the spa is as safe as possible for her. Hana seemed like the perfect choice for our family, and we were amazed at the great reviews we found online.”

After reading many Hana Inflatable Spa reviews online, you’ll see what a wonderful difference this portable spa makes. The spa comes with an easy pour hose, and you simply push it down into the bottom of the tub. You won’t have to worry about messy spills or getting tangled up in the nozzle and tubing. Plus, your kids will love it, and you can take it along on your next family vacation. When you’re ready to unpack, read Hana Inflatable Spa reviews online and find out how much fun your family can have. Once you’ve tried one, you may be hooked!

There are many portable spas available, so you should consider the size and weight of the unit when making your selection. You also need to decide whether you want it with an air pump or if you want to try using the built-in pump. A lot of portable inflatables will be larger than those used in regular spas, so you may need to double check to make sure that the size you’re looking at can fit on your trailer or your car. Most people prefer the air pump option, because they are less likely to damage the product. Finally, consider how convenient it will be to bring Hana Inflatable Spa to your next camping or fishing trip, as well as whether or not you’d like to buy one for use in your own home as well.