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Emerald Spa Hot Tub – What’s New?

Emerald Spa Hot Tubs is a great way to get your “stress relief” needs met without all of the hassle. They come in a variety of sizes to fit most standard tubs and provide superior relaxing therapy. Here we’ll take a look at all of their amazing features and see why they are often used in spas and day care centers.

One of the best features of an Emerald Spa is the large spacious seating area. About 20 years ago, they developed the worlds first ergonomically friendly seating choices with great comfort and back support. Today, they have a variety of larger seating options such as recliners with tons of leg space so that you do not feel cramped while attempting to relax in the big beautiful hot tub. Some models even have factory original replacement spa packs that make replacing parts very easy, even if they were originally installed by a technician.

One of the biggest complaints about an older model Emerald Spas was that they only had two jets; two smaller jets were located on either side of the main jet unit. It took awhile for those who regularly spent time in the tub to acclimate to the fact that one side of the spa had two jets to the other side have none. Today, most models offer two jets in each side of the well so that people can experience the duality of a full body massage along with a relaxation effect when using the jets.

Many people complain that the early Emerald Spas produced very little pressure. This problem was usually associated with an improperly sized pump. Today’s spas are much more sophisticated and the motors are much more efficient. The motors are so efficient that they can produce more than 4 gallons of pressure at a time. As a result, problems associated with improper sizing or a pump that is not powerful enough are becoming rare.

Today’s high-end Emerald Spa includes many features that you would expect only the best spa manufacturers to offer. For example, it may be common practice to have a built-in music system with the spa’s built-in. However, in the old days of the Emerald, this was not a common practice because the machines were so small and so therefore not as reliable. Now it is a common practice for them to include such a feature because it makes for a more luxurious experience.

In addition to all of the above, today’s newer spas are also able to offer much more water volume than their predecessors. While some spas still only have two hot tub jets, many new models up to ten jets. These jets are so powerful that they can relax and rejuvenate your body completely, whereas other spas with only two jets can only be used in conjunction with a full size spa and cannot be used on their own. Overall, these larger jets provide you with the ultimate in spa pleasure!

The other major difference between the old and the new models is the type of spa cover used. Some models will offer you the ability to completely close off the spa while others will offer you the ability to partially open them. This is important because you do not want the water to get too hot while you are in it, nor do you want to feel too much water spray coming over your skin. The newest models of spas will employ the use of both types of spa covers to keep everything flowing smoothly and keep your spa protected from the elements.

The other major difference between the newer Emerald Spas is the technology used to power them. Many of the newer versions utilize what is known as an “Ozone Generator” to provide the energy needed to heat the water. An ozone generator uses three small Ozone chambers, which produce and emit Ozone gas. The third chamber is actually what regulates the amount of electricity that is produced by the generator, so it is important that you make sure that the generator is located in an area where it will not be subjected to too much heat or intense cold.