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The Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub is an electrically powered inflatable hot tub which is portable and seats 4 individuals easily. It has a cushioned bottom and massage jets, enabling you to relax or get a full body massage. The inflatable tub inflates instantly and the high-speed heat exchanger quickly heats up the water to a comfortable 104 degrees with sixty surrounding air pumps circulating it. Coleman is one of the leading manufacturers of inflatables and their reputation in the industry is unmatched. This is why you know you’re getting a great product when you invest in a Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub.

coleman saluspa hot tub

The Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub comes with an optional filter basket and optional heaters. The basket and heaters can be changed to suit your needs. They are designed with a patented chemconnect system that provides complete system integration. This means the temperature control is completely automatic and there are no delays in heating or pumping as the basket and heaters change functions automatically. This makes Coleman salsa hot tubs highly reliable.

The timer control panel is a convenient feature because of its ability to program the hot tub’s start and shut down times. Hot tubs are known to be great stress relievers and with this timer control panel you have the opportunity to program the pump’s start time after you have left the shower, once the desired temperature is met and before it is needed to start up again. If you have the time to program the start and stop times, this can save you time from cleaning out the chemicals in your shower.

The lighting of the Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub is another area where you will see features that set it apart from its competition. The heaters and jets are all LED (lighted) with optional lighting. LED lighting is preferred by many because it produces little heat and stays cool to the touch. These two factors help to make hot tubs very efficient, and therefore very energy efficient.

The hydro-jet system has three types of jets, all with variable speed controls for extra excitement. There are also optional sound effects, a music player and remote control. The hydro jets do a great job of cleaning and removing dirt, debris, and grime from your skin and hair. Many people like the color options, and all of the jets come in blue, green, pink, red, yellow, white, purple, teal, and orange. With the many color options, there is sure to be one that is right for your home or outdoor space.

For the exterior size of this tub, you have four different exterior size models to choose from. The Enlarge model is available in three sizes of fifteen, nineteen, twenty-three gallons. The Traveler models are available between thirteen and twenty-three gallons and the Limited Edition Traveler is between seventeen and twenty-three gallons. No matter which exterior size you select, all of them are made to give you a full and relaxing experience when using the Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub.

The electronic timer on the Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub allows you to precisely regulate the amount of time you want to use the tub. You can set the timer to turn off after fifteen minutes of swimming, then turn it on again for thirty minutes. By using the electronic timer, you will be able to keep the spa and hot tub completely dry during winter months, and then turn it on for spring and summertime. The built in UV resistant light bulb also helps to keep the exterior of your unit clean.

The Coleman Rechargeable Hot Tub comes standard with a one-gallon filter, but you can upgrade to include a two or three-gallon filter as well. Some owners prefer the additional filtration system that is sold separately on the Coleman site. There are also optional features such as a power pod, a built-in power heater, a rear exhaust fan, and an auto shut off timer. Other optional accessories that you might want to consider purchasing include: the ultraviolet lamp, a carbon filter, and a rain cover.