The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub is an inflatable tub that easily seats 4 individuals comfortably and is fully portable so that you can easily take it along on your travels or simply relax at home. It comes with a plush padded floor and massage jets, which make it very relaxing for you. The inflatable tub inflates instantly and the quick heat up process quickly heats up the water to a relaxing comfortably warm 404 degrees with sixty surrounding air forced jets. This is a much more affordable alternative to an electric or gas powered spa or Jacuzzi, and you save money in the long run too. A Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub has many benefits over other types of spa and Jacuzzi.

coleman inflatable hot tub spa

The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub has a Leatheroid material which provides a unique and comfortable surface. It has the most advanced thermostat control available in portable hot tubs, which maintains the right temperatures for the users at all times. It’s temperature regulating capabilities allow it to maintain the proper temperatures no matter what the weather outside is like. These advanced thermostats maintain the proper room temperature and prevent overheating during the summer and winter seasons.

The inflatable Coleman spa has an inbuilt air chamber and built-in control panel, which is designed to provide full body heat. The built-in control panel controls the temperature, which is controlled by a thermostat installed within the lid of the tub. The temperature can be adjusted using a hand grip control panel located on the side of the tub. This allows the user to adjust the temperature and is easy to use as well.

Other highlighted features include the unique ability to conveniently carry a filter cartridge from the manufacturer directly to your home or place of work with no extra effort or worries. This means no more waiting at the local store to pick up the filter cartridges which are often very expensive. Also, Coleman’s warranty allows you to repair or replace the spa without worrying about spending any money on a new heating system or appliance. The warranty also includes the option of extending the warranty to cover the replacement cost if the tub malfunctions within the warranty period. The built-in filter cartridges guarantee easy maintenance.

The tub comes with two standard sizes, one that fits one person and another that are suitable for two people. There is a special sized tub which is only meant for two people. This hot tub comes with built-in seating, so it’s easy to enjoy long hours of relaxation. The tub also comes with over two thousand six hundred ninety-nine decibels of sound. This ensures maximum comfort and enjoyment.

The inflatable spa has a digital control panel that allows it to be used with a remote control. It comes with over ten heat settings ranging in intensity. These heat settings are variable and can be adjusted to the user’s preference. A digital control panel with an integrated timer is also featured. This timer helps to manually control the heating. A separate digital control panel for adjusting the jets is also available.

The entire heating unit is built using a single eighteen inch power cable. This is twenty-eight inches in length and can fit into the smallest available spot. This ensures maximum compatibility and flexibility. The gel pad inflatable hot tub comes with an optional water tank which can be cleaned easily. The tanks hold thirty gallons of water and are built in with easy access.