Clearwater Hot Tubs is one of the best selling websites online with a huge selection of hot tubs. But how do you know which is the right tub for you? The first thing you need to know about buying any type of hot tub is what size and style you need. There is an amazing variety of hot tub sizes and styles including: small, large, custom, traditional, portable, inflatable, etc.

clearwater hot tub

Pricing You don’t need to go into clearwater hot tub stores in your area to see how much they cost. There are some great discount spas online. To find out more about pricing, check out Clearwater Spas, the official dealers of clearwater hot tub covers. The nice thing about Clearwater Spas is they aren’t very expensive, although they use the same kinds of luxury features of other high end spas. They offer many unique features such as: custom vinyl wraps, clear glass spa covers, and exclusive designer name spa covers.

Customization The styles and colors available for the clearwater hot tub are almost endless. You can choose from clear glass, fiberglass, stainless steel, copper, and a great variety of colors including green, blue, silver, black, red, white, yellow, pink, and more. The great thing about buying a clear hot factory cover online is you can customize it to fit your specific measurements. You can add padding or you can order customized clear spa covers. A customized cover will have your initials printed on the front.

Accessories Just as there are a lot of styles available, so are there a lot of accessories to buy for your clearwater hot tub. Accessories are great for those who want to make your experience at the spa more enjoyable. Some of these accessories include: extra spigots, built in sound machines, adjustable footrests, plush liners, contoured seating, built in radios, and more. These items are great for making your spa experience more luxurious and comfortable.

Mood Lighting Another reason why most spas choose to go with mood lighting is because it makes your experience at the hot tub even more relaxing. It is known that bright light will help keep people comfortable and relaxed. Mood lighting for spas can also be used to show off the different features of the spa, such as jets or rotating bowls. You can purchase one of these spares from many online locations, such as Clearwater Spas, and get more information about what styles of spas are available.

Open Seating Layout One of the best features of spas that are located in homes is the open seating layout. Spas northwest series offers a very unique and relaxing hot tub. The open seating layout allows you to have a romantic ambiance while soaking in your tub. Spas northwest series includes a jet system that features two jets per seat. You can choose from open seating to enclosed seating, depending on which type of hot tub you prefer.

Jets Choosing a spa model with the right jets is important. Jets are the key to enjoying the benefits of a jetted tub. There are three types of jets: circular, linear, and fan.

Other Amenities If you are looking for other amenities, then consider becoming a member of the hot tub industry standard. Items such as: a drinks holder, ice bucket, a water feeder, music, and dual microphones are all common amenities found in many spas throughout the world. Many companies also offer a buffet or side service. A spa owner should definitely consider adding any of these services to their spa for more convenience.

Beachcraft spas offer some of the best amenities around. Their luxurious outdoor oceanfront hot tub is located on King Street. This is a great location, because it is right on the water. The beachcraft spas are fully equipped with all of the amenities to make your time on the beach a great night. There is even a full service restaurant with live music seven days a week.

Jetty One of the most unique spas in the clearwater spas hot tub industry standard features an open seating layout. The reason for this is that the jets are not placed directly over the water. Rather, they are situated high above the water’s surface. This feature is what sets it apart from other spas. When coupled with high-quality hydrotherapy jets, the open seating layout of the jets provide a way to enjoy the warm waters of the clearwater without feeling as if you are sitting directly on the water.

All of these features and more make this an excellent choice for your next vacation. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, consider checking out the amazing features that these spas beachcraft offers. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience, but you will also be supporting one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the clearwater industry. Don’t delay, book your trip today!