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You can purchase the Coleman Blow Up Hot Tub at any Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowe’s store. This is one the best and the cheapest options for your summer backyard vacation. These tubs are very easy to set up and even simpler to use as well. These inexpensive tubs are a very versatile addition to any yard. You can find the Coleman Blow Up Hot Tub at any of these locations for reasonable prices. Read on for information about this tub.

blow up hot tub walmart

Buy the Coleman Blow Up Hot Tub at any of these locations: Any of the Home Depot and Lowe’s stores. The realtree max-5 is a very sturdy inflatable that comes in multiple sizes. It’s also priced fairly and offers a five year limited warranty. This unit comes with an air pump, heater, inflatable wall, and an accessory bag. It can hold up to four people.

This inflatable has some great features and benefits. As it is a Coleman product, you can trust that it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. It also has some of the most realistic sounds and music. The realtree max-5 is a great four person inflatable… yet a six twelve inch pool.

This is a nice six person inflatable… yet a smaller version than most. The Walmart version is about twice as deep and weighs about four pounds. When it is full, it weighs about eleven pounds. You can find this at Walmart or at any home improvement store in your neighborhood. It also comes with an air pump, heater, and wall cushion.

This blow up hot tub from Walmart is smaller than the max-5. It also weights three pounds, less than half as much as the Amazon com version. It’s a smaller size, but it still looks and works like a max-5. When it’s full, it weighs about seven pounds.

The Walmart blowup spa is bigger and a bit bulkier than the Amazon com version. This one doesn’t have a screen. You cannot add water from the tank to this spa. Instead, it uses the water pumped up by the air pump. It has a water reservoir, but it’s not as big as the one on the max-5.

At first, this blow up spa from Walmart costs more than the max-5. However, after getting a couple of uses out of it, I’m willing to bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I purchased this spa for my patio after moving into a new house with a six-person inflatable obstacle course. After a few days of practice, I was ready to set it up and go. I wasn’t disappointed.

If you’re looking for something smaller, like a max-5 or an airjet inflatable… go ahead. Just know that this blow up spa from Walmart is larger, heavier, and more expensive than those two other options. It can be used as a stationary spa, too. If you need a bigger, better spa… go with the max-5, airjet inflatable… or a px! Good luck and happy shopping!

In case you didn’t know, blow up spas are a great way to relax before or after a workout. They’re also great for kids who get sick or injured and want to have a place they can go to get healed. Or if you just want to watch TV and soak for an hour… a blow up hot tub is perfect for that as well. You can purchase the blow up spa at a regular Walmart super center.

The blow up hot tub is also great for people who work out. It’s a great way to jump start or continue your workout without stressing out. Plus, it’s fun. It makes working out fun again! That’s what I love about them.

My last WalMart blow up tub purchase was a px. A px is a rectangle shaped unit with a door on top. They usually have storage drawers underneath, where you can store clothes or other items. Most of the time, they are made of metal. They’re available in different sizes, but the smallest is the one my mom has.

Now you know why Walmart offers these items at a super discount. Not only do you save big bucks, but you can find just about anything you could possibly need at Walmart. I highly recommend this option if you have a blow up hot tub you need to buy. It’ll keep you happy for many years to come.