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Here are some of the Best Inflatable Hot Tubs that the 21st century is offering to consumers. Consumer Reports magazine recently released their Top Ten Most Popular Hot Tubs and it was obvious to see where this consumer information came from. This list is comprised of four hot tubs and they include the Fantasy, Beautyrest, O2 and Aqua Stream. These are all high quality models.

best inflatable hot tub 2021 consumer reports

One of the more interesting features on this list was the Aqua Stream. I had not heard of this hot tub until reading this article and now I am curious as to what this inflatable tub is capable of. According to the consumer report the Aqua Stream has a capacity of eight persons and it can go up to thirty five degrees. It has two massage jets and two speed settings. It also comes with a control panel, seats and storage for gear and accessories.

The Fantasy by Cybex is another hot tub on the list and it is called the twenty one inch wonder tub. It has a capacity of seven and a half gallons and it comes with a heater, two fixed massages and a massage waterfall. It is twenty one inches deep and it is made of heavy-duty vinyl material. The tub has a five foot hose with a massaging feature and it has an adjustable temperature control. It also comes with a removable table and a workstation for your back.

The Beautyrest by Jacuzzi has received rave reviews from consumers who have bought this hot tub. It has received accolades such as the “Best Inflatable Hot Tub” from Consumer Reports. This inflatable hot tub has received many awards and has received four thumbs up’s from consumers. It is four feet long and it comes with an electric pump, seats, and an electronic air blower. It is made of high impact plastic and it comes with two massage jets.

The Galaxy by Deepak Chopra is another hot tub that receives rave reviews from consumers. It is called the Galaxy 2021 and it comes in at a cost of two thousand dollars or more. It has a capacity of eight and a half gallons and it has an automatic air pump, side air blaster, and a high impact vinyl cover. It has an inflatable spa and a thermostatic valve and it is thirty inches deep. The Galaxy’s thermostatic valve helps keep the water warm and the vacuum prevents over heating.

The Omega by Smart Water is the twenty one inch hot tub that is made of three quart stainless steel tub. It is a one person model and it comes with an electric pump, a five-gallon storage tank and a thirty-inch stand. The tub is made of acrylic and the inflatable pump allows for faster inflation than other models. The shell of this tub is made of high impact plastics and it comes with a dual seating.

The Nomame Sauna by Foamex is the hot tub that many consumers choose as the best model on the market. It comes in at three quart and can be used in any bathroom size. The hot tub is thirty inches deep and it has a thermostat that allows the water temperature to stay precisely where you put it. The tub also has a low pressure system and a safety shut off.

The Energy Spa by Foamex is the third in the best inflatable hot tubs that can be purchased. It comes in at six quart and it is easy to use. It has a seat that will accommodate two people and it has a capacity of four and a half gallons. The tub is made from high impact plastics and it has a safety shut off. It comes with a temperature gauge that makes it easy to find out what the temperature is outside.