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Top Portable Hot Tub Options. If you are planning to buy your own portable hot tub, then you would most certainly want to know which are the best portable hot tub options available. To answer this question, you need to understand what makes portable spas so special. First, they are much cheaper compared to their permanent counterparts. They also can maintain a similar water temperature as that of their permanent counterparts.

best portable hot tub

Second, they are typically more durable than their permanent counterparts. A popular portable hot tub brand is the Coleman. It is the Coleman’s high quality construction that makes them a top choice of so many people. They can withstand even the harshest conditions. In spite of this, Coleman high quality portable spas, as a general, cost much less than Coleman’s other high quality brands, such as the Coleman air jets.

Third, portable spas often come with built in heaters and air pumps. Portable tubs with built in heaters are usually much more expensive than the non-heater portable hot tub models. However, the advantage of having built in heaters and air pumps are that it would allow a more consistent heating rate throughout your whole body. This feature is usually found only in the better quality portable spas, like the Coleman air jet.

Fourth, there are usually several accessories available for your portable spa, such as built in stereo, digital sound systems, CD players, televisions and so forth. Some portable tub brands also include a deluxe portable spa. With a deluxe portable tub, you get an adjustable seat, an Ottoman and even a side table. These side tables are great for making it easier for your guests to relax.

If you’re thinking about buying a portable spa, you have several factors to take into consideration. First, you must determine whether you want a portable unit that’s just for the purpose of relaxing, like an inflatable or a sit on top unit. Next, you must decide if you want an electric, gas or electronic spa. You can also opt for a model with a high tech camera included. These cameras usually require an outlet and have a long day of battery life.

You must also consider the types of jets in the hot tub spa. Jets play a major role in the rate of heat loss in your portable. The higher the heat rate in your jets, the more efficient your system will be at maintaining a constant temperature. On the other hand, the lower the heat rate in your jets, the more the portable will struggle to maintain a consistent temperature. So if you intend to keep your water heated for the long haul, go for a high heat jet model.

The final consideration is the type of power source you intend to use for your portable. The best portable spa is typically one that has its own power supply but most spas nowadays come equipped with a cord. If you’re on a budget, you can always opt for an extension cord. Just make sure that your cord is durable and that it can handle the amount of power your portable needs. There are numerous brands available these days, so you should have no problem finding a water heater brand that suits your needs.

Finally, it’s time to choose the heater’s power consumption. The heat pump is the most efficient when it comes to energy consumption. The cool thing is that you don’t need to purchase a separate heat pump to enjoy a consistent and comfortable temperature. Make sure you choose the right sized tub for the size of your heater. Once you’ve considered all these aspects, you’ll be set to enjoy your heated water in the privacy of your own home.